Neighborhood Safety -- LET'S BE SAFE!

While patrolling the neighborhood after dark with Cellular on Patrol (COP), it is apparent that a large number of homes do not have any exterior lighting. Some front entrances are recessed, and some doors and windows are covered by large shrubs and bushes. Burglars love to see this because they are well hidden from view if neighbors should look out or drive by. Certainly those patrolling COP cannot see behind the shrubbery or into the darkness.

Leaving a front porch light on doesn't cost much and it may provide safety for you and your family. Installing solar lights or other decorative lighting not only enhances the beauty of your home, it also discourages those who might be looking to break into your home. Trimming bushes back takes away the places where burglars look to hide.

Another frequent problem found while patrolling is open garage doors. They invite burglars into your garage and even into your home. It's bad enough to have things stolen from your garage, but if the door going from the garage into your home isn't locked, the house is wide open to burglars. Just think what can happen while your family is sleeping! Be sure your garage door is down once you enter your home, and lock your doors, including the door from your garage into your house, especially at night.

We know that crime goes up when the economy goes down, and when kids don't have much to do, like in the summertime. So let's look at our property with a critical eye for safety. A few minutes could make a world of difference to your family's well-being.