Council District 9 Initiatives

Our Councilman, John Courage, and his Staff are working on several initiatives that affect us here in NCTONA. These include action on Participatory Budgeting, stiffening local penalties on criminals who break into local mailboxes or steal parcels, consideration of the “T-21 Initiative” and moving forward on a City “Homestead Exemption” similar to these provisions for rural areas of Texas.

The D-9 Staff is now accepting citizen proposals that would fall under the Participatory Budgeting plan. If you have a proposal that might be eligible for funding under this program, please present your idea in writing to Project Lead Zack Lyke, D-9 Staff, for consideration by the P/B committee. You may also file online at

Councilman Courage is taking action to give City law enforcement officers authority to go after thieves who ransack mailboxes or steal parcels left by UPS or FedEx deliverymen. NCTONA has been hit by these thieves on several occasions since July 2015. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service will only pursue “high-dollar cases.” The Councilman believes that ALL thefts should be subject to law enforcement. Toward that end he wishes to see San Antonio enact an Ordinance making theft of mail, whether delivered by the USPS or a private carrier, a Class C misdemeanor.

City Council is considering a measure to raise the legal age for purchase of tobacco from age 18 to age 21. This is known as the “T-21 Initiative” which is backed by the medical community. Opposing the measure are owners of small convenience stores. If you have an opinion on this public issue, please contact our Councilman or a member of his Staff.

Not least, Councilman Courage would like to see a provision enacted that limits taxation through a “Homestead Exemption” similar to those granted to Texans living in rural areas. The Homestead Exemption would lower property taxes for City dwellers. Please contact the D-9 Staff to express your opinion on this initiative.