• Who do I need to contact to place an ad in the newsletter? When is the submission deadline?
Inquiries are referred to Neighborhood News (210-558-3160)  FYI:  NCTONA members receive a 10% discount on advertising.
  • My uncle has a 28 foot camping trailer and wants to know when he comes to visit me - what are the rules for parking it?   
Section 35-383 states that an oversized vehicle “may be parked in a driveway or other permanently maintained parking area” if 1) it’s being loaded, 2) it’s being prepared for a trip — you’ve got 48 hours to get ready — or 3) it’s got a special handicapped parking permit, which is issued by the city’s handicapped access officer. If she has further questions she can call the city’s customer service line at 311 or the code compliance officer for north patrol at 207-8126.
  • Is my membership dues paid up?  My address is….. 
Use the Contact Us form and send your name and address.  Select “Membership” from the drop down list under Category.
  • Are there any rules about putting up political signs in my yard?  
NCTONA has no rules regarding signs.  But the City of San Antonio does!  Check their website for more information.
  • What if I have low hanging tree limbs?  
It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to keep tree limbs 14 feet above the sidewalk and 18 feet above the street to provide clearance for trash and recycling trucks.  Homeowners can be fined if tree limbs hang below this level, usually with a warning given first.
  • What if there is tree limb on/near power line?  
Contact CPS Energy as that organization has on contract arborists who routinely trim trees to avoid problems with power lines.
  • Are there any restrictions on putting a new shed in my backyard?   
As a general rule, a storage or gardening shed 80 square feet (ie. 8 by 10 or equivalent) may be built "by right" without a City permit.  Sheds in excess of that size would require a City permit.  This having been said, the location of the shed also is important -- if it impinges upon a Neighbor's property or is located above buried utility cables, etc.
  • Are there any restrictions for adding solar panels?  
So long as the installation of photo-voltaic cells fully conforms to City Code, the Association certainly has no problem with them.