Holiday Decorating Contest Winners!  CONGRATULATIONS!  You now have bragging rights...
Central section:
Original:  15130 Mission Oak
Best Lighting:  15122 Oakmere
Theme: 15114 Morning Tree 
Group: 14390 Moss Arbor, 14935 Moss Arbor,  2313 Moss Terrace
South section:
Original:  2119 Molly's Way
Best lighting: 13715 Brookhollow
Theme:  2103 Molly's Way
Group:  13802/13806 Chittim Meadow
North section:
Original: 15307 Mount Eagle
Best Lighting: 2402 Crow Valley
Theme: 15206 Oak Spring
Group: 2411, 2415, 2419 Rockaway and 15503 Black Canyon 
Wine Down Wednesday - The next Wine Down Wednesday for NCTONA ladies will be February. 2nd at Willie's Ice House at 15801 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78232.  Please go to the Events page, select Wine Down Wednesday, and fill out the form with your name and email and RSVP that you will be joining us.
Good Neighbor Deed  - do you know of a neighbor who has performed a good deed lately?  Maybe saved a cat from a tree or a neighbor taking a walk and noticing you left your car lights on and letting you know?  Well, write a short note about it and go to the Contact Us page, and select "Good Neighbor Deed" so we can include it in the Newsletter!
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