Holiday Decorating Contest  - Judging for the Holiday Decorating contest will be Sunday, Dec. 18th thru Wednesday, Dec. 21st. The contest gives recognition to the most interestingly decorated homes in the following four categories:
  • Best Holiday Theme
  • Best Lighting Arrangement
  • Most Originally Decorated Home
  • Best Decorated Group of Homes
So, get your creative juices flowing and begin decorating your house!
Wine Down Wednesday! The next Wine Down Wednesday for NCTONA ladies will be December 7th at 6:30pm at Fish City Grill located at 18130 U.S. 281 North/San Pedro, Suite #104, Northwoods Shopping Center.
Please go to the Events page, select Wine Down Wednesday, and fill out the form with your name and email and RSVP that you will be joining us so we can make a reservation.
Adopt-A-Spot - NCTONA has applied for, and been given 2 Adopt-A-Spots - A picture of each sign is below.  The white/blue sign is on Henderson Pass. The green sign is on Thousand Oaks but it is on the WRONG side of the street - we are working with the City to get this corrected.  A clean-up day is being planned on an as-needed basis, and will be scheduled soon.  Go to the "Contact Us" page, and pick "Cleanup Day" from the list - and let us know if you are interested in helping keep our neighborhood beautiful!
On Henderson Pass:
On Thousand Oaks:
Yard of the Month!  Who won?  Click here to view the latest winner(s).
San Antonio Neighbors Together was a big success!  Our good friend and neighbor, Rose, had Code Compliance Officers (pictured below), our prior NCTONA SAFFE Officer Crystal, and a representative from Councilman John Courage’s office.  The Code Compliance Officers got a big round of applause from the crowd!
Good Neighbor Deed 
Do you know of a neighbor who has performed a good deed lately?  Maybe saved a cat from a tree or a neighbor taking a walk and noticing you left your car lights on and letting you know?  Well, write a short note about it and go to the Contact Us page, and select "Good Neighbor Deed" so we can include it in the Newsletter!
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