Ask a Candidate!  Do you have a question you'd like to ask the candidates running for District 9 City Council?  There are 4 candidates running for this position. They are (in alphabetical order)
  • John Courage (incumbent)
  • David Allan Lara
  • Jarrett Lipman
  • Dominique Liu
Please go to Contact Us and select "Ask a Candidate" from "Send To" and submit your question(s).  The NCTONA Board will select 5 questions and submit them to all the candidates. Their responses will be posted on the NCTONA website. Please provide your question(s) by April 9th in order for us to give the candidates enough time to respond before early voting begins.

Early voting is Monday, April 24th - Tuesday, May 2nd.  The last day to register to vote is April 6th. 
Election day for all offices and ballot issues is Saturday, May 6th. 
Wine Down Wednesday! The next Wine Down Wednesday for NCTONA ladies will be at 6:30pm on April 5, 2023 at Da Shi restaurant 2895 Thousand Oaks Dr, San Antonio, TX 78232.Please go to the Events page, select Wine Down Wednesday, and fill out the form with your name and email and RSVP that you will be joining us so we can make a reservation.
Are you interested in learning more about Short Term Rentals in San Antonio?  Click this link: https://docsonline.sanantonio.gov/DSDUploads/STROverviewPresentation3.11.2023.pdf
Noise from Planes Flying Over NCTONA Neighborhood - The D9 office has been receiving calls from residents near the NCTONA area and wanted to help address any concerns. Please see the explanation below that illustrates how runway inspections/repairs and even weather patterns can affect flight paths. The activity some residents are experiencing is said to not be permanent but again may persist depending on a number of factors.
Residents are always encouraged to report noise like this to the Airport Noise Hotline: 210-207-3471
From Aviation Department on Friday, Feb. 24:
Review of flight tracks from yesterday indicates that there were a number of flights departing on runway 4/22 (oriented SW to NE) throughout the day yesterday that flew near the Lorence Creek neighborhood. Wind direction was from the north early in the day yesterday. There were two military jets that did fly through the area while winds were from the North. The map below is an example of some of the departure flight tracks (highlighted in green) early in the day yesterday:
Later in the day, the departure routes for flights operating on runway 4/22 changed from a northern direction to the Northeast:
There are occasional military flights that pass through the San Antonio International Airport. They are not stationed here but they can land and get fuel at the Fixed Base Operator’s (FBOs) that provide fuel and aviation services. Because we accept federal grants from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for our runways, we accept flights from all federal agencies, not just the military.
Anyone can have aircraft fly overhead at any time. There are no curfews that prevent early morning or late night flights. The pilot, and the FAA’s Air Traffic controllers determine the direction and safe flight operations of aircraft once they leave the ground. Wind direction and runway availability are factors that determine runway usages for aircraft taking off and landing. As wind direction changes, so does the direction aircraft land and take off at the airport.
Yard of the Month!  Who won?  Go to Events, Yard of the Month to see the winners for the Porch of the month in January.
Membership dues are due!  The time is now to fill out the membership form for 2023 NCTONA Membership. The form can be used for new or renewing members. The fee remains $25, a little more than $2 per month. You can find this membership form on the back page of the NCTONA Notes.
Please make checks payable to NCTONA.
Mail to P.O. Box 701321, San Antonio, TX 78270-1321
If you don't have the form, then please send your check to the above address along with your Name and Street.
Conversion of existing printed billboards to digital (LED) billboards - 
The conversion of existing printed billboards to digital (LED) billboards has been widely discussed.  In an attempt to inform citizens about the proposed changes to the Sign Code, the city held a series of 5 public meeting throughout the city.  Those meetings were not well attended.  In order to obtain additional input from citizens, the city has crafted a survey through SASpeakUP regarding the possible conversion of printed billboards to digital billboards.   
The current proposal would create the possibility of approximately tripling the number of digital billboards in San Antonio within 3 years However, in order to convert from printed to digital, the billboard owner would be required to remove 4X the square footage of printed billboard structures compared to the square footage of the structure converted to digital.  Conversion to digital in some areas, such as historic districts would be prohibited.  In addition, billboard owners would be awarded a 1.5 square footage premium for removal of billboards in selected areas. 
The survey, along with additional information about the proposal is located here: Digital Billboard Survey  The survey is short but participants will have to scroll down past the meeting schedule to access it,  It appears that participants can provide comment on the second question by clicking “Comment” and commenting before selecting “Yes, No, or No Opinion”. 
Adopt-A-Spot - NCTONA has applied for, and been given 2 Adopt-A-Spots - A picture of each sign is below.  The white/blue sign is on Henderson Pass. The green sign is on Thousand Oaks but it is on the WRONG side of the street - we are working with the City to get this corrected.  A clean-up day is being planned on an as-needed basis, and will be scheduled soon.  Go to the "Contact Us" page, and pick "Cleanup Day" from the list - and let us know if you are interested in helping keep our neighborhood beautiful!
On Henderson Pass:
On Thousand Oaks:
Good Neighbor Deed 
Do you know of a neighbor who has performed a good deed lately?  Maybe saved a cat from a tree or a neighbor taking a walk and noticing you left your car lights on and letting you know?  Well, write a short note about it and go to the Contact Us page, and select "Good Neighbor Deed" so we can include it in the Newsletter!
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